The making of Bird of Paradise

The making of Bird of Paradise

At the heart of our label lies our shared love for our cultural heritage and roots. We believe that embracing and celebrating where we come from is essential to show who you are. We believe that we can do that by designing clothing with a shared story. In this blog we take a small dive in the background of our first design: Bird of Paradise.

Rough sketches & ideas

The first phase of designing 'Bird of Paradise' started with a small brainstorm, in which we explored different subjects to start with. Many ideas, many possibilities and of course, we never throw anything away. 

Reference to Indonesia's flora and fauna

As we continued exploring our ideas, we realized the importance of incorporating elements from Indonesian flora and fauna into our designs. We wanted our work to be an ode to the rich biodiversity found in Indonesia, paying homage to its vibrant natural beauty. That's why we combined surroundings with a famous Bird of Paradise. Which is a bird that lives on the island New Guinea. Jeroen's father was born there and the bird reminds him of his fathers story. 

(Photo of bird of paradise by Erik Ding on Pexels and photo of Bromo by Pukpik on Unsplash)

Besides that, the bird also looks like a phoenix. We found the phoenix a suiting symbol for the kick-start of Suka Bumi, a new boost of visualising our shared culture. The combination of the bird of paradise, known for its grace and beauty and the phoenix, symbolizing rebirth, transformation, and the eternal cycle of life, makes it a great combination.

Our shared passion for our roots has started a creative journey that pays tribute to our cultural heritage. We can't wait to show you more! Feel free to connect with us to share knowlegde, opinions and feedback.

The pre-order is open until the 13th of July, so get yours and expect them to be delivered in the beginning of August!